Prep up your website for Holiday Sales

With the growing necessity of a formidable web presence for every business these days, little do we doubt that those websites are an important sales channel .Don’t we?  The pages of content are not just beautiful information for mankind but a way to generate leads, attract conversion and grow business.

And why not? If you notice, this season, will need it more than ever. So says the forecasts.

total holiday sales to climb to between $981 and $986 billion, representing a 4 to 4.5 percent increase in November through January holiday sales (excluding motor vehicles and gasoline) over last season…. digital interactions will influence 50 percent, or $345 billion, of retail stores sales this holiday season. This figure reflects the extent to which consumers’ use of desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones influence brick-and-mortar store sales. Deloitte

Website prep-up tips for Nov sales 2014

Useful Tips to prep up for November Sales

With numerous offer shout outs from every channel and every media, customers will want to dig out the best deal with least struggle and therefore will take to online platforms more wholeheartedly, than ever before. By the way- most of those searches actually convert to sales in physical stores (pickup) or online. Hence it is just too practical to step to it and get your websites all set for the holiday sales.

Get On-Site Optimizations ready- Analytics and research show all online searches during this season are combination of few keywords (plus your product specifications) used specially during this season. Keywords like deals, offers, discounts, best discount are just some of the handful few. You can easily get an exhaustive list and include them in your content, URLs, Meta descriptions and titles.  Use images that are SEO friendly. Pick buzz words related to your current offer description and use them selectively in   ALT text, image file names and title tags.

Build Link- inbound and outbound- If you want to avoid changing the   content completely there is a, actually two way out. Include a small patch/ widget within your product pages with offers and calls to action. 2 – Use blogs. That’s your territory– make use of it. Wright about products or your service offering, profusely hyperlink words and litter keywords wisely.

Make Sure Site Architecture Holds Up. The holidays often result in new products, categories, and gift shops. Are these added to your sitemap ? Do they create duplicate content? How are they linked throughout navigation? This may sound trivial, but it greatly affects rankings and correct page indexing.

Prevent outages – Consult with an IT consultant, if time permits. Based on the traffic you can or want to support check if there are cloud based services to hire. Google has started cost effective cloud based data handling to avoid site crashes. Gear up site security if it involves transactions. If you are into a network Freeze, do try requesting for an emergency change window to avoid downtime.

Test and Review- It goes without saying that if you are doing it do it right or don’t. Having promo codes that do not work, page full of images that do not load, or websites that crash with heavy traffic, will put off even the possibility of sales you had before all this gearing up.  Link it up with web analytics tool. One great is Google Analytics. It will help you track your traffic, test versions of your pages, review changes, analyze the keywords report and know how traffic flows within your website. Get some quick insights using CrazyEgg, Google PageSpeed or Compete. Just punch in your website URL and get quick tips on site speed, online competition, site heat maps etc. Of course we are always there to help you with this. But, whether you hire an analysts or not, do have your website tracked. It’s important you know you are doing it right.

Wrapping your head around these great ideas and then putting up some great, hard work to have a dazzling online business you may be  sure  to attract the most cynical of November-sale-onlookers , but actually you are not  yet done. All this goes down the drain , if you  don’t have  the  right  buzz. Make a noise, shout out. More on this from our Social Media Tips specially tuned to maximize November sales.

About Hedgehog Insights–  We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations,  cash flows, website data or ones from  social media, we put them all together, draw connections and correlations, derive trends and patterns understand causes and offer our clients a set of easily actionable insights. Tools are in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one.All that we are selling is a promise that our analysts will offer modern and  conventional analytics, work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data. Schedule a free consultation .


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