DIY-Social Media Assessment for Your Businesss

Social Media Assessment for your business this Black Friday

Social Media Assessment-Do it Yourself-It is Costless and simple-Hedgehog Insights

Enough said and done to boost your business on social media. Enough materials you have read and enough hours did you put in. Take a moment out and try to assess how all been going- right, somewhat right, all the same or is it a major blunder.

With the holiday season, peeping from the corner, you can hardly afford to start anything all over again so it’s good to check for quick fixes if at all you need one.

How about you just filled in table and knew the performance. Not 100% error proof but to a great extent you get the real picture of your business on social media. SO be it!

Social Network Platform

# of Followers

# of followers for competitors

Sentiment of Post Positive/Neutral/Negative

# of  Mentions

# of  Competitor’s Mentions

Leads Generated / Purchase



Google +


After you have the numbers, for each of these blocks do just three things: Compare Compare and Compare. Yes, that really is the basis of all data analysis. Compare your customers, partners and brand image against those of your competitors. Compare their responses, their engagement and involvement with your business vs others. That really is the key in one statement.

And just while you do that, don’t forget to avoid the classic mistakes of assessment, any assessment

1.    Never lose sight of the overall goals of your assessment- why are you doing it? What do you look to achieve and how does it compare with your previous assessment (if)?

2.    Tying each your assessment to business goals. Know what are the final outcomes, how does it help your business grow and increases chances of profitability.

3.    Understanding how you maintain your data- If you use a tool like access or spreadsheets, then you should be knowing the features and technicalities of it. This will help you know how to look into data, import or export them and integrate data for analysis.

4.    Having enough knowledge about customer buying process that is set up for your business. What are the customer touch point and what does customer feel about it all.

Yes, we are there by your side in all these services. Our experience and knowledge will have you look into a reliable and actionable assessment.

About Hedgehog Insights–  We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations,  cash flows, website data or ones from  social media, we put them all together, draw connections and correlations, derive trends and patterns understand causes and offer our clients a set of easily actionable insights. Tools are in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one.All that we are selling is a promise that our analysts will offer modern and  conventional analytics, work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data. Schedule a free consultation .


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