Big Data Integration for Small Business

> What do you think you can learn about your customers from inventory data or your cash register log?

> Or do you think responses from social media  can any way foretell your products stockpile  for this month? How such varied information relate? How do you even start off the analysis?

Big data for small business

Big Data for small business by Hedgehog Insights

We  will talk about it in a minute. Assuming your  business has an amount of sales  each month ,a record of  the finances and a somewhat good  social and  web presence. If you have at least two of these you are  actually  good to start.

Basically these are  small data  sets. We’ll call them sales data,financial data and web data. You might be  using Quickbooks or Spreadsheet to record the  first two while you are  not  so sure of the  later .Well if your business has a website and social media account, the web data is also there. Ever heard of  Google Analytics? We shall keep the details for a later date but know that tools  like  this can be used to track visitor behavior on your website, around products and  contents up there as well as their response to your posts on social.

Data  in these  different  silos do definitely make sense individually but they become critically important  when information is linked-customer data  to inventory requirements, web data to prospective sales , and financial data to customer loyalty.

Yes, I am mainly talking about big data and that it is no more out of reach for small businesses. Small business although late adopters technology stand a  higher  chance to see results soon after implementation. That’s  because they are small, decision is in just few hands and volume of data to work with is  also small.

Here are some important steps you could use  to adopt the latest technology call Big Data.

  1. Have all in one place- define  one platform where  you literally have  all data – stored and accessed. So this  could  be a tool like Microsoft Access or FileMaker that act as a data unifying platform .You can feed /import  all data  from  all areas of  business like web , sales /marketing and  finances ,link  them up some how so that they all seem like one  business data. This is  basically the  first step to incorporating big data  for  small business.

  1. Quickly test if Big Data is actually giving big insights-Take any two databases that you think you have completely imported and linked up. Now  start analysis. What do you see? I’ll explain with our experience with one of our other clients.

The  client had to revise his  website but was not sure  what to do how it go about that. Taking a look at his web data and  linking it  up to their social media log we got  clues on visitor preference. What content they were looking for based on what they talks  about and  pages they visit most. Bounce  rates, goal conversions and  time spent on page were greatly insightful metrics, giving definite  directive on areas to work on.

  1. Last but not  least- Know about Big data. This is basically a  continuous process and starts from even before you conceive big data into your business. The updates and new entries in this field might just be  great ways to upgrade your system internally and benefit  the most out of  this technology.


To say big data guarantees success would be overrating it a bit too much, but sure its an important  tool that increases  the chances of success. Actionable  insights  from time to time  can help you decide what content to put up, what resources to hire, which customer  to value and reward more  than other what products lying at the back of your store is actually high in demand.

Of course , we  help you through each of  this steps. We have a great team of technical experts and business opportunity diggers and we will work with you throughout the life of your business.

About Hedgehog Insights–  We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations,  cash flows, website data or ones from  social media, we put them all together, draw connections and correlations, derive trends and patterns understand causes and offer our clients a set of easily actionable insights. Tools are in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one.All that we are selling is a promise that our analysts will offer modern and  conventional analytics, work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data. Schedule a free consultation .


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