Automation for Social Media is an OxyMoron

This is  not a post on what  is  social media or  how  it  should be done for  business or some  kind of a start to an obituary for good  old  classic  social media  that  evolved and  gave  away to the new and  automated. No. But sure it is a journey back to the basics.

Automation for Social Media is an Oxymoron

Automation for Social Media is an Oxymoron

If social media is people and relationships at the heart of it then it can never be automated. Can hosting a party be automated and even if it is will it be fun. Can connecting with people, reading their needs and offering business solution to fulfill needs be automated. Well if you ask then Yes to some extent. Obviously we do not expect business owners to spend 5 hours a day, connecting with people- it will defeat the purpose. So automated platforms  can help with a single login for  all your social  accounts, a  basic analytics  platform to view  the  numbers and simpler space  to have a  record of conversations posts in one  single  place. Definitely that is advantageous. But what about initiating conversation, building relationships, networking and business development at the end of the funnel. Can these or  should  these  be  automated? If  so then to what extent  and  what  could  be  the  possible  impact o f  it.

Like  many innovations surpassing  our  assumptions  in the  past , I am  hopeful  this  too will follow due  course .But , talk of  present  day , and  all that we  got under the banner of automated  social media – still represents an oxymoron.


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