2 day Course on Google Analytics- Register Free

Event on Jan 8th & 15th , 10 AM to 11 AM in Simsbury Library
Registration Link:

The Answer is Analytics


Day 1:

  1. Overview and Background of Web Analytics-
  2. Fundamentals of Web Analytics
    1. Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters
    2. Important KPI for common types of websites
  3. Google Analytics case Studies
  4. Introduction to Google Analytics-
  5. Basics of Google Analytics
  6. What is Google Analytics?
  7. How it works?
  • Key metrics and dimensions definition
  1. Getting Started
  2. Accessing Google Analytics
  3. Creating New Accounts under Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC)
  1. Granting full and selective access to individuals
  2. Quiz
  3. Basics of Settings in Google Analytics
  4. Importance of Setting
  5. Introduction to the Most important ones among them
  6. Goals
  7. Filters
  8. Questions

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to the most important Settings in Google Analytics (Contd.)
  2. Goals
  3. Filters
  • Onsite Search
  1. User Demographics and Interest set up
  2. Setting up webmaster
  3. Other setup
  4. Navigating Google Analytics Reports
  5. Reporting Overview
    1. Audience Reports
    2. Acquisition Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  1. 5 most insightful tips about GA reports
  2. Quiz & Questions

Register: http://www.libraryinsight.com/EventSignUp.asp?t=326453995&jx=scp&lmx=668421


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