of-Me   by-Me   for-Me.  Me on M-obil-E

ofMe   by-Me   for-Me.  Me  on  M-obil-E

Have you realized what’s common among the latest high tech electronic gadgets you picked this season? What’s one reason, you choose to discard, previous stuffs as obsolete and bring in the new to replace? What feature are deciding factors in the path to purchase?

File:1328101940 Connected.png

Why? It is the electronic parallel of the indomitable urge of human beings to remain connected.  Televisions sets to Laptops, Music systems to tablets, car dash boards to mobile phones, watches to internet etc. etc. The list goes on. Embedded with sensors these converse over the famous wireless network of worldwide connectivity, called internet.

It is virtually this internet of things that has become a part of our normal living and functioning.  A typical day starts with an alarm, not the one that pops out, but an online calendar that connects with my mobile and sets a reminder as per my daily tasks and wakes me up before I get late. I step out with an n address in the email and the GPS sitting in my dash gets busy finding the route. After office, I sit back, and play around browsing  daily feeds, when I feel like watching videos on a bigger screen. What dod I do-  I Chromecast my TV.  From things I search online to places I go visit, each and  every interaction on connected systems  identifies me , makes life simpler, fun and fast paced.

And even as we speak, there might by a toaster, an oven ,washing machine or refrigerator having a connecting sensor. That’s life today- almost racing away a life a decade back and getting better by day.

Mobile Phone, Smartphone

The one cornerstone in this internet of things that practically connects everything to each other and to itself is the mobile phone. This app driven piece of palm fitting machine, is your virtual remote control for all these devices, I mean life.  Personally or electronically – it’s yours. Recognizes you (face, palm, eye, voice detection), keeps you logged in and represent you as a distinct individual in this virtual cyber world.  Remains by your side, where ever whenever you go.  (Just keep your charger along).

And as I take a twirl around, happy to have the world a touch away, there’s a pair of eyes looking happy for me- they are of marketers and data analysts of the world.

Concept, Chart, Plan

Collecting and processing the web data involves complex infrastructure. Thankfully tools like Google Analtytics , Hadoop, are  taking care of it. But to know what to do with it, calls for a different ball game  called  universal analytics- big data  analytics . This vast data, is pregnant with critical information can and  will be used to the fullest with right planning, people , promotions and patronage in place.

Contact us for Analytics of Connected Systems and have great insights into your customers.


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