Can Social Media tell Go-No Go for your business idea?

Sentiment Analysis for startups- Hedgehog Insights

Sentiments people associate with a business launch , new idea or information, cumulatively gives an idea whether it would be a hit or a miss.

Can you recall a time when your mom called, may be a routine call. You received, said hello and was just about to start speaking something else, when she interrupts and says words that feel like warm comforting hugs. Admit, she knows it before you say. She knows what’s wrong, how wrong or how happy and thrilled you are. You’ll say that’s your mom – who better knows you or is more concerned about your feelings, your sentiments or thoughts that occupy your mind. True that!

But they are not the only group of people who care how others feel- deeply mindful about their needs, wants and demands. It may not be as selfless or without a motivation or incentive like our mothers- but sure it could be just as strong, or even more in some groups. For example a business and its customers. Haven’t we been taught all our lives- customer is king. Hell ya. Customer satisfaction, their buying intentions, their opinions and perceptions do matter specially when it is a new service launch, expansion in a new geography or buying a massively expensive equipment to increase productivity. Where there is an investment there is also a risk of loosing it. Businesses cannot let it go without a bit of an analysis or some predictive insights. They need a prior understanding of just how big will the return be and how quickly will it come through, if at all.

With the emergence of social media in internet marketing, this information is available in abundance and capturing is simple. It’s like trying to predict what could be the polarity of reactions to a new business move – positive, negative or neutral – novel form of data analysis around social media. It is called Sentiment analysis of target market. Similar to market research that is done offline by questioning and surveying, sentiment analysis helps add a meaning to all the special media engagement activity your company conducts. Tying it back to meet a business requirement- perception or sentiment of customer spells out chances of acceptability of an idea and thereby chances of success

We at Hedgehog Insights, run sentiment analysis. If you have an idea and would like to validate it, gauge the level of excitement or anticipation among your audience, try us. We will be there to help you. We employ both applications and manual modeling methods to bring out the most accurate analysis. Contact us and let us know.

About Hedgehog Insights– We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations, cash flows, website data or ones from social media, we analyze all of them together, on one platform, draw, connections, correlations, causes and offer our clients set of easily actionable insights. Tools are really in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one, all that we are sellingis a promise that our analysts will offer modern and conventional analytics , work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data.Schedule a free consultation