Web Design is not a conjecture. It is Science.

Web Design is not a conjecture. It is Science.

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainWebsite designs is a commoditized service today. Layouts, frameworks, designs, samples, and even color combinations, has been stereotyped. Almost typcasted are each design specifics for each business types: Ecommerce, Lead generating, Content and Blog site, Photographic sites, Hobby and personal site

Does anybody ever spare a thought on the voice of customers?

Aesthetics aside, everything from layout to font choice should be guided by user testing to ensure that the website is not only pretty but also functioning at its best

It is the result of extensive online tests that we today know:

1.    Serial Position Effect- put the important stuff at the beginning and end – mid page has least eyeball.

2.    Loss Aversion- to significantly impact your conversions focus on highlighting losses than on benefits- losses are more painful than gains are pleasurable

3.       Herd Behavior- People tend to do what other people are doing- Testimonials Rock!

4.       Language processing tests of brain- navigation labels and copy in pages must be easy for visitors to understand. Use common words local lingual. Your business is not what you think your business is but what your visitor – a great step towards right keywording.

5.       Von Restorff Effect- In the 1930’s, German scientist Hedwig von Restorff discovered that when given a list of ten items, people remember items if they are a color different from the others – visual differences, or “pattern interrupters.” can create repeat visitors

6.    Headlines aren’t just the first thing seen on a page, they’re looked at more than anything else. Be careful about headlines – words fonts , color and backgroundSMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public Domain


SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainAlthough small each of these aspects are immensely insightful to help create a great online shopfront – one that converts.

Not published widely , but smart and forward looking business, does tons of these experiments every day, to know their customers , understand what they prefer and when and  why. 

And there are great tools. Irrespective of business size and conversion rate, every business that has an online presence should considering trying experiments like A/B tests, and Multi-variant testing or MVT.

And these series of experiments and insights form what is called the science behind a great website – very specifically yours, for your business and tuned into attract your target group.

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What good are online ads without analytics?

What good are online ads without analytics?

File:1953 Gem Razor Ad with

Decades back advertising was still called advertising, but analytics was not.  There could be a handful of words describing it’s to some extent – research, data interpretation, forecasting etc. but analytics is a fairly new connotation of all these put together. That is not to say analytics was not used. Advertisers, acted on every form of data available, because advertising was a business  expense and there is God in good ROI.  Understandably, like God good ROI too does not come by easily.


For good returns, advertisements, need to be targeted, rightly placed, positioned, coined and directed. What all this mean is a great deal of work, to understand the demographics, psychographics, time of visits , duration of visit  and general actions audience  take . Historic data can paint a picture of past and trends from past  give potential clues to future that help advertisers generate ideas and maximize effectiveness.

Optimització per a motors de
Today’s times have changed, but not the intent and purpose of advertisements. We  have new media ,several new platforms,  evolved technologies to glamorize our message but good  returns  still lies  at  the  heart  of what we call online ads. So all little snippets of texts sponsored on search engines, display networks, YouTube videos, pop up messages, Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, they now reign the arena alongside  the new age data  interpretation called analytics. Analytics of online ads, is a vast field and uniquely simple, because only ads are highly measurable.  Tools and  technology are  available , mostly free to aid our task. I’ll  have more to speak on this subject in our next post , but suffice it  to say today  that it  is truly  analytics of online commercials  that makes it worth the way.  More to come . Stay Tuned

Why did you bother to have a website?

Why did you bother to have a website?


In an ultimate chase to bring about all that should make your business work, you went online. That’s laudable. But know, odd are, it will do more harm than good, if you just have your presence. A website is not just an html page on the World Wide Web, but a well-crafted, representation of your brand- essentially storefront of your business, online.

That is to say, if you put up a rough, unpolished, image of you, people should have no reason to disbelief – it you. But again, that’s not what you want. After those year of building a business brick by brick, pumping in life and blood, through sweat and pain, that’s the last thing you could hope for – a wrong perception.


File:This Month In Education Newsletter Pageviews Report Chart 1.png

But as much as I believe, businesses have a role to play to taint their own image, the hands giving shape to their wishes are equally responsible. Why? Because they are supposed to know better what works and what does not. It’s not just a blindfolded execution of “client requirement” but suggestion advices, analytics and key insights. That’s what makes or breaks a deal.

“Know the laws of the land to the survive; know the rules of online territory or perish”

And these rules just do not come by, they needs to be researched – from literature, data analytics, new innovations, theories. There is a reward to stay up to date and if  you think you or you’re your business has  no time for  it, better entrust this responsibility to someone who does – a  good deal of it. Choose your website vendors, cautiously . They could be as  misleading and high priced as a novice.

Twitter Ads and Twitter Analytics- Two big Birds to ride on this Year

Twitter Ads and Twitter Analytics- Two big Birds to ride on this Year

Make the best of Twitter Ads from an in depth understanding of impressions and engagement of your posts. Use the analytics to leverage on ads!

2 day Course on Google Analytics- Register Free

  1. Introduction to the most important Settings in Google Analytics (Contd.)
    i) Goals Settings – Goal Flow and Funnel setup
    ii) Filters- Generating views
    iii) Adwords linking to Google Analytics
    iv) Display advertising feature enabling for Audience Interest/Demographics
  2. Navigating Google Analytics Reports
    A) Reporting Overview- Discussion of 5 reports
    i) Audience Reports

– Demographic and interest report
– Behavior report
ii) Acquisition Reports
– All traffic Channels report
– Search Engine optimization report
iii) Behavior Reports
– Behavior flow report
3. 5 most insightful tips about GA reports ( if time permits )

The Answer is Analytics

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of-Me   by-Me   for-Me.  Me on M-obil-E

ofMe   by-Me   for-Me.  Me  on  M-obil-E

Have you realized what’s common among the latest high tech electronic gadgets you picked this season? What’s one reason, you choose to discard, previous stuffs as obsolete and bring in the new to replace? What feature are deciding factors in the path to purchase?

File:1328101940 Connected.png

Why? It is the electronic parallel of the indomitable urge of human beings to remain connected.  Televisions sets to Laptops, Music systems to tablets, car dash boards to mobile phones, watches to internet etc. etc. The list goes on. Embedded with sensors these converse over the famous wireless network of worldwide connectivity, called internet.

It is virtually this internet of things that has become a part of our normal living and functioning.  A typical day starts with an alarm, not the one that pops out, but an online calendar that connects with my mobile and sets a reminder as per my daily tasks and wakes me up before I get late. I step out with an n address in the email and the GPS sitting in my dash gets busy finding the route. After office, I sit back, and play around browsing  daily feeds, when I feel like watching videos on a bigger screen. What dod I do-  I Chromecast my TV.  From things I search online to places I go visit, each and  every interaction on connected systems  identifies me , makes life simpler, fun and fast paced.

And even as we speak, there might by a toaster, an oven ,washing machine or refrigerator having a connecting sensor. That’s life today- almost racing away a life a decade back and getting better by day.

Mobile Phone, Smartphone

The one cornerstone in this internet of things that practically connects everything to each other and to itself is the mobile phone. This app driven piece of palm fitting machine, is your virtual remote control for all these devices, I mean life.  Personally or electronically – it’s yours. Recognizes you (face, palm, eye, voice detection), keeps you logged in and represent you as a distinct individual in this virtual cyber world.  Remains by your side, where ever whenever you go.  (Just keep your charger along).

And as I take a twirl around, happy to have the world a touch away, there’s a pair of eyes looking happy for me- they are of marketers and data analysts of the world.

Concept, Chart, Plan

Collecting and processing the web data involves complex infrastructure. Thankfully tools like Google Analtytics , Hadoop, are  taking care of it. But to know what to do with it, calls for a different ball game  called  universal analytics- big data  analytics . This vast data, is pregnant with critical information can and  will be used to the fullest with right planning, people , promotions and patronage in place.

Contact us for Analytics of Connected Systems and have great insights into your customers.

2 day Course on Google Analytics- Register Free

Event on Jan 8th & 15th , 10 AM to 11 AM in Simsbury Library
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The Answer is Analytics


Day 1:

  1. Overview and Background of Web Analytics-
  2. Fundamentals of Web Analytics
    1. Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters
    2. Important KPI for common types of websites
  3. Google Analytics case Studies
  4. Introduction to Google Analytics-
  5. Basics of Google Analytics
  6. What is Google Analytics?
  7. How it works?
  • Key metrics and dimensions definition
  1. Getting Started
  2. Accessing Google Analytics
  3. Creating New Accounts under Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC)
  1. Granting full and selective access to individuals
  2. Quiz
  3. Basics of Settings in Google Analytics
  4. Importance of Setting
  5. Introduction to the Most important ones among them
  6. Goals
  7. Filters
  8. Questions

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to the most important Settings in Google Analytics (Contd.)
  2. Goals
  3. Filters
  • Onsite Search
  1. User Demographics and Interest set up
  2. Setting up webmaster
  3. Other setup
  4. Navigating Google Analytics Reports
  5. Reporting Overview
    1. Audience Reports
    2. Acquisition Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  1. 5 most insightful tips about GA reports
  2. Quiz & Questions

Register: http://www.libraryinsight.com/EventSignUp.asp?t=326453995&jx=scp&lmx=668421


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