What good are online ads without analytics?

What good are online ads without analytics?

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Decades back advertising was still called advertising, but analytics was not.  There could be a handful of words describing it’s to some extent – research, data interpretation, forecasting etc. but analytics is a fairly new connotation of all these put together. That is not to say analytics was not used. Advertisers, acted on every form of data available, because advertising was a business  expense and there is God in good ROI.  Understandably, like God good ROI too does not come by easily.


For good returns, advertisements, need to be targeted, rightly placed, positioned, coined and directed. What all this mean is a great deal of work, to understand the demographics, psychographics, time of visits , duration of visit  and general actions audience  take . Historic data can paint a picture of past and trends from past  give potential clues to future that help advertisers generate ideas and maximize effectiveness.

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Today’s times have changed, but not the intent and purpose of advertisements. We  have new media ,several new platforms,  evolved technologies to glamorize our message but good  returns  still lies  at  the  heart  of what we call online ads. So all little snippets of texts sponsored on search engines, display networks, YouTube videos, pop up messages, Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, they now reign the arena alongside  the new age data  interpretation called analytics. Analytics of online ads, is a vast field and uniquely simple, because only ads are highly measurable.  Tools and  technology are  available , mostly free to aid our task. I’ll  have more to speak on this subject in our next post , but suffice it  to say today  that it  is truly  analytics of online commercials  that makes it worth the way.  More to come . Stay Tuned


With Love from..Google Analytics

With Love from..Google Analytics

Google Analytics has revolutionized the web analytics space and it does not really need any proof anymore. Something so easily accessible, literally free is also so robust that it tracks almost every aspect of web presence of businesses- that’s a rare combination. Not only website traffic, but universal analytics now tracks all digital devices a business has flanked its presence in- mobile phones, tablets, kiosks etc. To me , it’s like unconditional love and it’s difficult to resist love in return 🙂

And guess what , that’s not it. Introducing <drumroll> Demographic-Interest and Benchmarking.

Yes it is demography and interest information about your traffic. When GA started this, few months back ,information in it were subjected to advertising and promotional activities with Google. That’s love but not for all. Personally, I didn’t quiet approve it. And then one day to my sweetest surprise- I found it loaded with data. It’s exciting because – it is essentially helping you frame your target group and direct the right advertising messages.

To know the how to settings , please visit: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2819948?hl=en

The other great information are Benchmarking metrics. A group of metrics together show how much traffic flow , in which sales channels and Geographic location , is causing what conversion (Goal Setting).  It compares you /your business compared to the competition in your immediate industry. It shows where you have excelled and where have others.

But if you have paid good attention, you’ll get to read lot more lying between the lines.  It talks which channels are popular among the industry, which of them are greatest and most lucrative source of traffic for the  type of product/service and which of them really stinks. Considering the fact each industry and business type has their own list of favorite channels, this looks like great information. Similarly with geographic location it goes to show possible demand in in terms of traffic flow.  Left me impressed- yet again!

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