Free Session: Google Analytics Made Easy, Glastonbury, CT

Google Analytics is an oGoogle Analytics Free Sessions by Hedgehog Insightsnline tool for measuring web traffic.

The free service measures a variety of statistics, such as traffic engagement, navigation within websites and actual sales. However, using it effectively is not easy, especially for entrepreneurs who are new to the tool or new to web business.

This interactive session will take you through the different pieces within Google Analytics, help you get comfortable with the tool and, most importantly, present a unique, simplified approach to help you make sense of Google Analytics reports.

Instructor Pamela Chandra, founder of Hedgehog Insights, has performed data analytics with Accenture and Time Warner retail. You can find more information about her work at

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Can Google Analytics Help – improve traffic to the most important page on your website?

Can Google Analytics Help –  improve traffic to the most important page on your website?

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Traffic to the most important pages on your website using Google Analytics

The Answer is yes, Google analytics can help you with all information you need to improve traffic. And not just that. It can also help you see how improvements to that page has performed. Or whether traffic actually increased.

The first and  the most important  thing you need to do –  is tell Google Analytics which one of the many pages on your website is most important to you (after of course setting up Google Analytics). This really goes through a little additional setup called Goal Setting .

While Google Analytics has several types of goal that you can track , the one that will help study traffic our important page  is Destinations Goals. Destination goals tells GA that if there is a  visitor to this page from no matter where- please consider that as a conversion.

Now apparently this may not seem that informative. But if I tell you with this you can also know the number of visits that came in from a specific location like Middletown, CT or the most popular devices visitors used – mobile/ tablet or the channel they took- social media, Google Ads or simple search will that be informative?  Will you know exactly which channel or geographic location to focus on ? Will you try to boost some traffic from these sources or locations.  Will you try to find if your website is optimized for mobile phones  etc. And while doing all this are you increasing your chances of highest traffic to that page? Answer is Yes!

If this looks interesting and you would  like to know more please contact us!. Or visit us at Hedgehog Insights.

Google Analytics and User Experience

54ca4222a7048Google Analytics as a tool is known for many good things – it has  many cool features, tracks websites, mobile app , can also describe audience, traffic source etc etc, but one  area  where  it really fails its  users is its usability. It really creates a daunting task, to go past  the 90 odd reports and  numerous metrics to identify one  that should be improved or looked into for issues. That’s where data within Google Analytics and the 95 different  reports can potentially paralyze any analytical mind, not to speak of  first  timers.

For  me too, there is  not been a single day when I sit analyzing  with data and wish has  navigation been any easier. However what drives to go past all this and try to decipher  some sort of insight from a number is really the varied ways Google Analytics measures website performance.  If properly set up it can talk a lot  about audience, demography, , sources of traffic  , onsite  behavior, navigation, landing and  exit page effectiveness and  finally what this all means  to business.

google-analytics-metrics1    And all this together give can give a pretty solid idea about experience visitors take away from websites and  mobile apps. Not to forget, a great user experience is often step on to having a  satisfied visitors who also convert .

As a  heavy user of Google Analytics I have  often found several starting point for  further analysis. At several point data poses this question why ? and leads to further analysis. An example would  make thing clearer

Speaking quantitatively one website I had a chance to work with,  proudly displayed a media coverage video in the area above the fold on home page. Often marked as an important landing page the  home page had  numerous visitors. However only 10 percent of traffic actually scrolled below the video or viewed any of the important business information that waited there. Approx. 90% dropped off the website after watching the video. Illustrations above the fold is a great idea but not if it actually ends up driving traffic away. With this clue we  initiated  two modifications. 1. Replaced the video with a  sliding  image and added calls to actions , business info , one liners on the images . Result was not surprising – we helped visiting traffic navigate easily .But more interestingly these raised enquiry, conversions and utilize the most populous area of the website without fiddling much with the  aesthetics.

Google Analytics – 2 Part Fundamentals Course in Middletown CT- Register Free – Fast Filling Seats So hurry

Google ANalytics Free Session- Middletown CT

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of-Me   by-Me   for-Me.  Me on M-obil-E

ofMe   by-Me   for-Me.  Me  on  M-obil-E

Have you realized what’s common among the latest high tech electronic gadgets you picked this season? What’s one reason, you choose to discard, previous stuffs as obsolete and bring in the new to replace? What feature are deciding factors in the path to purchase?

File:1328101940 Connected.png

Why? It is the electronic parallel of the indomitable urge of human beings to remain connected.  Televisions sets to Laptops, Music systems to tablets, car dash boards to mobile phones, watches to internet etc. etc. The list goes on. Embedded with sensors these converse over the famous wireless network of worldwide connectivity, called internet.

It is virtually this internet of things that has become a part of our normal living and functioning.  A typical day starts with an alarm, not the one that pops out, but an online calendar that connects with my mobile and sets a reminder as per my daily tasks and wakes me up before I get late. I step out with an n address in the email and the GPS sitting in my dash gets busy finding the route. After office, I sit back, and play around browsing  daily feeds, when I feel like watching videos on a bigger screen. What dod I do-  I Chromecast my TV.  From things I search online to places I go visit, each and  every interaction on connected systems  identifies me , makes life simpler, fun and fast paced.

And even as we speak, there might by a toaster, an oven ,washing machine or refrigerator having a connecting sensor. That’s life today- almost racing away a life a decade back and getting better by day.

Mobile Phone, Smartphone

The one cornerstone in this internet of things that practically connects everything to each other and to itself is the mobile phone. This app driven piece of palm fitting machine, is your virtual remote control for all these devices, I mean life.  Personally or electronically – it’s yours. Recognizes you (face, palm, eye, voice detection), keeps you logged in and represent you as a distinct individual in this virtual cyber world.  Remains by your side, where ever whenever you go.  (Just keep your charger along).

And as I take a twirl around, happy to have the world a touch away, there’s a pair of eyes looking happy for me- they are of marketers and data analysts of the world.

Concept, Chart, Plan

Collecting and processing the web data involves complex infrastructure. Thankfully tools like Google Analtytics , Hadoop, are  taking care of it. But to know what to do with it, calls for a different ball game  called  universal analytics- big data  analytics . This vast data, is pregnant with critical information can and  will be used to the fullest with right planning, people , promotions and patronage in place.

Contact us for Analytics of Connected Systems and have great insights into your customers.

2 day Course on Google Analytics- Register Free


Day 1:

  1. Overview and Background of Web Analytics-
  2. Fundamentals of Web Analytics
    1. Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters
    2. Important KPI for common types of websites
  3. Google Analytics case Studies
  4. Introduction to Google Analytics-
  5. Basics of Google Analytics
  6. What is Google Analytics?
  7. How it works?
  • Key metrics and dimensions definition
  1. Getting Started
  2. Accessing Google Analytics
  3. Creating New Accounts under Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC)
  1. Granting full and selective access to individuals
  2. Quiz
  3. Basics of Settings in Google Analytics
  4. Importance of Setting
  5. Introduction to the Most important ones among them
  6. Goals
  7. Filters
  8. Questions

Day 2:

  1. Introduction to the most important Settings in Google Analytics (Contd.)
  2. Goals
  3. Filters
  • Onsite Search
  1. User Demographics and Interest set up
  2. Setting up webmaster
  3. Other setup
  4. Navigating Google Analytics Reports
  5. Reporting Overview
    1. Audience Reports
    2. Acquisition Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  1. 5 most insightful tips about GA reports
  2. Quiz & Questions



With Love from..Google Analytics

With Love from..Google Analytics

Google Analytics has revolutionized the web analytics space and it does not really need any proof anymore. Something so easily accessible, literally free is also so robust that it tracks almost every aspect of web presence of businesses- that’s a rare combination. Not only website traffic, but universal analytics now tracks all digital devices a business has flanked its presence in- mobile phones, tablets, kiosks etc. To me , it’s like unconditional love and it’s difficult to resist love in return 🙂

And guess what , that’s not it. Introducing <drumroll> Demographic-Interest and Benchmarking.

Yes it is demography and interest information about your traffic. When GA started this, few months back ,information in it were subjected to advertising and promotional activities with Google. That’s love but not for all. Personally, I didn’t quiet approve it. And then one day to my sweetest surprise- I found it loaded with data. It’s exciting because – it is essentially helping you frame your target group and direct the right advertising messages.

To know the how to settings , please visit:

The other great information are Benchmarking metrics. A group of metrics together show how much traffic flow , in which sales channels and Geographic location , is causing what conversion (Goal Setting).  It compares you /your business compared to the competition in your immediate industry. It shows where you have excelled and where have others.

But if you have paid good attention, you’ll get to read lot more lying between the lines.  It talks which channels are popular among the industry, which of them are greatest and most lucrative source of traffic for the  type of product/service and which of them really stinks. Considering the fact each industry and business type has their own list of favorite channels, this looks like great information. Similarly with geographic location it goes to show possible demand in in terms of traffic flow.  Left me impressed- yet again!

About Hedgehog Insights– We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations, cash flows, website data or ones from social media, we analyze all of them together, on one platform, draw, connections, correlations, causes and offer our clients set of easily actionable insights. Tools are really in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one, all that we are sellingis a promise that our analysts will offermodern and conventional analytics , work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data.Schedule a free consultation

What’s so Actionable about Actionable metrics?

One of the favorite buzzwords for analysts and data scientist today is ‘actionable metric’. Recently barged into the business lexicon and promising enough to find a long standing position this word hardly ever misses any sales pitch by any person in the business of analytics and data research.  Don’t try to connect to the meaning popular a decade back- here it’s nothing to do with law or criminal offense.

Actionable metrics are those that can be acted upon or used in business immediately, without making too many assumptions or help of a list of others – briefly, insightful information. The opposite of which is vanity metrics. Metrics that are remotely connected to use. Metrics, whose implications are subjected to the interpreter- meanings that differ from man to man.

Often we find web analytics that come with tons of metrics (and more being added even as speak), facing the fury of businesses- “too many dollar spent”, they call out  “and too little an information to use”. Agreed. Figures like number of clicks, number of visits, no. of exits or no of views are big pieces of junk. But so is sales if you did not know cost and cost if you had so information about revenue.

But if we measured count of clicks, over months, weeks, time of a day for posts to that blog you maintain, that could give great information. It could tell a reader’s preferences at various times of the year, hours when your audience are ready to read and time when you run the highest chance of  being in the limelight.

Thus it all comes down to the basis of analytics – contexts and comparisons. With right contexts in the backdrop and relevant comparison across every metric can be actionable or I’d prefer “intuitively informative”!

Since it is most popular among web analysts and Google Analytics as  the uncrowned king- lets just analyze how much action driven information this tool has  to offer.

Among the many types of analysis – dimension/metric combinations in  Google Analytics – We could count on just 5 as downright intuitively informative. They are unambiguous in their implication and pretty readily actionable (if that’s what we best understand)

Benchmarking- in Google Analytics

Bench-marking- in Google Analytics

Bench-marking Channels performance for Acquisition and Behavior- A new feature at Google Analytics and offers a comparative analysis of immediate industry in terms of channels used to acquire users and how they behave in each case.

Similar info is also available across geographic location. Important to note here is that, one gets to understand just which locations does that industry thrive in and sales or promotional channels most effective.

Cost Data- in Google Analytics

Cost Data- in Google Analytics

Cost to achieve goals- This involves uploading Cost data. Goals  achieved  is just as  good as the cost incurred –  be it micro or  macro . So all those signups, downloads, video watching or  purchase, how much did  it cost  advertising online or other , renovating the website  or to stock up that inventory etc.

Content Drilldown- in Google Analytics

Content Drilldown- in Google Analytics

Content drilldown and behavior metrics- Average  time spent on website gives a diluted idea of  engagement , but if you break it  down to each page  and  content level- that’s a solid  piece of  information giving exactly where  visitors  are engaged , if  at all.

It talks about just how good or relevant or engaging  is the content you have put out there.

Behavior- in Google Analytics

Behavior- in Google Analytics

Behaviors and rate of goal conversion across channels- Your bounce rates, page depth, and pages visited can be broken down to channels and within channels, different social platforms, referring websites or keywords that direct organic search traffic.  Is there a correlative movement between the behavior metrics and channels or sources that send. Is there any tips about where they found your link and how far is it  relevant  to that context?

Drill  it down and you’ll see somewhere it relates  to channel performance and effectiveness of all your resource , time  money and energy spent in there.

SEO Queries- in Google Analytics

SEO Queries- in Google Analytics

Queries in Search Engine Optimizations and Resultant movement over period- One of the  best form of  information available on the tool is what queries in  search gives what result- is  your website search engine optimized, where  does  your page rank for  searches  you love and

Conclusion- Metrics vary in the depth of  intuitive and  actionable  quality , but a lot of  it  depends  on the analysis it  self and of course skills of a seasoned  analyst.  If  you do not  have an analyst  or  new  to this as a business  owner, remember  it is important , the way  data is viewed and the context it is put up against. Instead  of viewing data singularly  or as a mass of aggregates, slice it  down and  try al types of  comparisons. Some will turn out meaningless but many will become insightful. Believe it  or that’s  how all analysts start! Good Luck.

About Hedgehog Insights– We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations, cash flows, website data or ones from social media, we analyze all of them together, on one platform, draw, connections, correlations, causes and offer our clients set of easily actionable insights. Tools are really in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one, all that we are sellingis a promise that our analysts will offermodern and conventional analytics , work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data.Schedule a free consultation

Can data analysis help get your Business Off the Ground?

Standing at crossroads of  decisions and  determined  to make  no  mistake  an entrepreneur will always look into some business insights, tips, research online and consult experts before the  next  step- That’s precisely what is data analysis.

Analytics and business research is a part and parcel of every business. Many believe these are only for large businesses to benefit from. Truth is, large businesses would have never got any far had they not started analytics as small businesses.

Take the world by a spin- have your business rule!

Take the world by a spin- have your business rule!

Actionable  insights  from time to time  can help you decide what content to put up on your website, what resources to hire, which customer  to value and reward more than others and what products lying at the back of your store is actually high in demand.

But question is how do you get started especially as startups when most of your focus is to set up your business or get it off the ground? How do you know what data to analysis, and how it will help? Here’s a question:

  • What is the one (or two) biggest constraint to your growth? Put on your analyst’s cap and brainstorm on that thing which if resolved can help your business grow faster and easier. It can be your website, social media strategy, location of your retail, financial assistance or customer preference for your product(s)
  • After you have identified the constraints , analyze how you can resolve it. Determine one metric that  you could track and see how far is your constraint resolved. This metrics defines your constraint in the sense that, its increase or decrease should show if your issues are getting fixed or not. This could be sales, cost incurred per customer, No.of customer per lead generated or event as simple as profit%.

For eg. if your constraint is  website and its performance – have a goal set . Measure number of customers per visitor or per session of time spent or bounce rates. These are just examples . Link it up with an analytic tool like – Google Analytics and give it a few weeks to gather some data. Then try to read the basic reports. Understand user behavior, in-page analytics, and conversion rates. Check the user navigation pattern and try to find where most of the traffic drops off or which pages have highest time spent. Your metrics for web performance , will be very easy to track using this tool.

If customer satisfaction poses to be the biggest constraint to your sales and return sales, try to understand the why behind customer behavior. Check out metrics like , retention rate, or no of return per sale, frequency or recency of visits for every visitor that steps into your store or your ecommerce.  A Market research describing the level of acceptability of your products or services  could be a handy document to refer. These could tell why your target group behave the way they do and clues to what you need to do about it.

Inventory management could be a constraint too. That’s when you often end up delaying a delivery or run out of stock  or end up spending most of  your budget on piles .It’s time to analyse it. Understand the seasonality of products , whats in demand, when and how much to stock. Derive trends and patterns. If  not data from your business, then look into others, A number of services, provide reports and syndicated analysis. Reach out to a  low cost report . You could also reach us for one such study.

If a store a perfect location , is  the biggest roadblock to a large number of footprints in your store, then too data will help you resolve. Look into demographics , compare it with your target group and check which location in your locality, will be the best fit. Analyse population and commercial renting rate.Draw a draft picture for your self  on possible areas and know how  to narrow down to one or two that works best.

Analysis of data can really be as varied as the number of constraints and problem you face in business.To say data guarantees success would be overrating, but sure it can increase the chance that you will win the game.. It can be a great support system to your daily decision making and put your business on the path on growth.

About Hedgehog Insights– We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business dat

a. Be it daily operations, cash flows, website data or ones from social media, we analyze all of them together, on one platform, draw, connections, correlations, causes and offer our clients set of easily actionable insights. Tools are really in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one, all that we are sellingis a promise that our analysts will offer modern and conventional analytics , work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data.Schedule a free consultation