How to make analytics well within reach for Small, Micro and Medium scale Business- Our Idea

A popular belief is –analytics and data research is actually for large businesses. Truth is , large  businesses would  have never got that far had they not started analytics as small businesses.”

Scottish writer and poet , in 1910 Andrew Lang said , he uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts—for support rather than illumination. Decades later, businesses still use data primarily as a support to decision making. That is  perhaps  the most important and high return functional of  data.

In the words of Max Shron , the analysis of  data really unfolds like a story-similar to a story, a project will always include description on the situation, a rigorous analysis of the need , a motivated drive to conquer the need, hopefully, a happily-ever-after ending (the outcome).

Analytics and business research is a part and parcel of  every business. Standing at crossroads of  decisions and  determined  to make  no  mistake  an entrepreneur always will look into some  insights, tips, research online and consult experts before the  next  step.

A popular belief is –analytics and data research is actually for large businesses. Truth is , large  businesses would  have never got that far had they not started analytics as small businesses.We and our team of data analyst are here to help your small business grow.

Our Idea – Going back to the story-analogy- a data analytics project,  as we  propose at Hedgehog Insights is taking our clients through understanding data , defining what it means to business and executing a process  to see outcomes .

Our Idea

Data Definition  is essentially understanding..

The Need: What specific needs could be addressed by intelligently using data? What will this project accomplish that was impossible before?

Data Sources- Where is this data located. What data should be considered for different business requirements.

Envisioning results- What will meeting the need with data look like? Is it possible to mock up the final result? What is the logic behind the solution?

Linking to Outcome: How and by whom will the result be used and integrated into the company? How will the success of the project be measured?

Analytics Project Execution-

Our  analysts work in association with the client business, co-ordinates with team members and business owners to execute an analytics project and successfully achieve the desired results. The steps in this are:

Designing the Basic framework- Drafting the data conversion concept, overall ideas  about business data  outcomes

Preparing Data for analysis – Data analysis is really about digging deep to brainstorm and reveal insights. But before that it is essential we have the tools ready. Some of the most popular tools we use are

  • Filtering- we know how to cut the noise, to focus  on the most interesting topic.

  • Sorting- Arranging data in order- for some nature, or  class etc.

  • Grouping & Segmentation- summarizing data and  segmenting different  group

  • Visualizing- Bringing data  to life, having data mindfully aesthetic. We are naturally attracted to beauty, so why not make a chart as pretty as possible? Aesthetics can also help make the charts easier to comprehend—pinpointing the resulting action.


Analytics- This really involves making sense of  the data. Using techniques and  processes to glean out actionable insights

“Numerical quantities focus on expected values, graphical summaries on unexpected values,”

said mathematician John Tukey. To look beyond  the obvious , we employ innovative thinking into data  with a  focus on

  • Trends and Patterns more  than data points

  • Comparison across segments, time periods matrices

  • Discovering strong relationships using, causal analysis.correlations, statistical test, multivariate analysis etc.

  • Working with multiple perspectives- Data  from different sources bring in different information , add an extra dimension. Having all data from diversified sources analysed on a unified platform to solve a specific business issue, makes analysis extremely robust, reliable and  focused . That’s is adding value to client businesses.

We  hope  these  services  together , make analytics and data  support well within the  reach of  small, micro and  medium scale  businesses and offers  the surest and quickest path to growth. This is our overall idea. We have categories levels of services based on business scale of operation. For details on our services specific to each scale please visit

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