Small is Beautiful,Small is the Revolution

Small Business is Beautiful

Small Business is Beautiful

November is the big month for America. All businesses hope to score big on sales. Each business gears up to beat the competition .Great price points, highest value, home delivery, free surprise gifts- strategies and ideas- all very attractive and targeted to November-sale-onlookers.Good news for some and not so good for  others.

Limited resources and opportunities often have small and medium scale businesses,trampled and shelved in this race to sell .That’s a fact but not affordable. For a growing economy that’s trying to catch up to its old glory, with almost 75% of the working class as self-employed and owners of small business , it’s no more wise to leave behind the small scale industry.  

The national backbone is just as strong as the limbs of these micro and small sized businesses

Not that we accuse the more powerful businesses. It’s not a zero sum game, and does not mean, if one wins another cannot. Consumers too share a responsibility. They need to be more overt in their support for small business. Consumers can choose  where  to buy their  items  from and whom to benefit.  Backing   movements  like Small business Saturday and engaging in a whole hearted  shopping fling just for  one  day with small business can make much difference.   And why just one day.  Market trends show Black Friday  shopping extravaganza actually stretch weeks after and before the Friday so that businesses can make the most of the buying enthusiasm. As per Google’s report

–    Some shoppers (29%) will start holiday shopping before Halloween.

–   Most will wait to begin buying gifts until the holiday shopping period: 19% will start shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and 48% will do so in early December.

–   Not only was consumer interest in Black Friday up 27% YoY from 2012, but queries relating to the topic also started about a week earlier (Google Data) (Chart 1).

With lesser rush on these leading and trailing weeks, the small businesses stand a higher chance of being noticed. Well positioned, promotions advertisements, innovative offers deals coupled with a reasonably good infrastructure in terms of websites, ecommerce and social presence, can take a long way.  Coming up a list of tests to help you know where the problem is  and  then fix  them. Stay tuned!

About Hedgehog Insights–  We are data analytics service provider . We offer analysis of business data. Be it daily operations,  cash flows, website data or ones from  social media, we analyze all of them together, on one platform, draw, connections, correlations, causes and offer our clients  set of easily actionable insights. Tools are really in abundance and we are not selling another expensive one, all that we are selling is a promise that our analysts  will offer modern and  conventional analytics , work with you and help you see hidden opportunities from your business data. Schedule a free consultation .


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